Our Space Technology

Room 15’s Space Tech
You can see very, very far in Marmie’s telescope. Sione’s walkie talkie lets the aliens communicate with one and another.
Layna’s cloud bed makes you relax in the space, you can also choose to lie on Seini’s floating bed.
Jason’s fire and waterproof robot and Jerriah’s dancing robot help the scientists explore other planets, Caroline’s robot is freeze-resistant. Young, Dayton, Ross and Ayzal’s space robot protects our galaxy. Lemeki’s Jupiter Truck is a powerful vehicle. Kiarn’s safety robot  protects space explorers.
Riley B’s space suit keeps everyone warm, Mele’s space hat and Keanu’s rocket boots goes with it too. Hamoni’s space suit is fashionable, Noe and Abdullah’s space suit has all the gadgets. Hana’s space suit would take you to the moon, Qasim’s space suit was designed for Mars.
Alicia’s rock punching magnet assists you discover what’s underneath the surface. Stephens gravity bed is an invention for the travelling astronauts, They can drink from Riley’s unfloatable cup…

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

Ahakoa iti, ākona, kōrerotia - Learn a little, use a littleWe celebrated the Māori Language Week by learning more Te Reo words and phrases and we were super proud of our Kapa Haka members who performed for the whole school on Friday. 

The Royal Jelly Show

Today we watched a show called "The Royal Jelly". It was about a women called "Bee" and many of her bee friends. The main message was that bees are very important for life and we should not harm them. You can help bees by getting a bowl filled with sugary water. It is vital that we do not use sprays because they can mess with bees' mind and if we have no bees we have no food, so if the bees die we will die too. (Caroline, Noe and Alicia)

Super Busy with Our Learning: Rm15-5

And now, Tongan Language Week! Mālō e lelei! Here is how Room 15 celebrates this special week. 😊

Super Busy with Our Learning: Rm15-4

Snapshot 4: Book Week
Teddy Bears' Breakfast, Speed dating with books, Games of Books, Guess Who's Coming to Read, Book Parade, Story Telling in the Library and John Carr visiting..... we had such an exciting week of literature!

Super Busy with Our Learning: Rm15-3

Snapshot 3: Speech Writing
This year the Middles are writing our own speeches at school. From deciding on a topic, research, organise the information, write up a speech to presenting it, we followed our teachers guidance very carefully.